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Aloha and thank you for checking out my Website.


I'm a seasoned commercial and residential
electrical contractor whom has been around the block a time or two yet no job Is too small for me. 

Some might say when you do something for thirty years you get pretty good at what you do. 
With three decades of electrical under my belt I certainly have acquired "an eye" for lighting design.

Solar PV systems require an Electrical Contractors license.  Don't be fooled into inflated
"perceived value" PV System prices by paying too much for fancy TV advertising and marketing.   The truth is, going with the larger companies you're just throwing money away.  We sell the same Enphase and SolarWorld products that have the same warranty.  Also I'm not sending lack of attention to detail 20-something installers poking forty-plus holes in your roof for later down the road roof leaks.  Seasoned, attention to detail "masters" do the work ourselves, treating you property as if it were our own. 

Here's the installation on my own home:

Because my over-head is low and I'm capable of Value Engineering your electrical project, I'm able to deliver a superior, more thought out, money-smart design and that savings benefits my customers.

Below is a home located in La Jolla I wired back in '93.   I went back to visit in 2008.  The owners graciously let me shoot some night images of their unique ocean- front home.  More night photos of this home   Daytime photos

The wall construction of this home is called Poured-In-Place concrete construction.   The stair steps I have my arm on were individually poured and later welded to metal plates placed in the forms before the walls were poured.  Later, solid teak was laminated on the steps.   It was essential that the craftsman on this project were all true professionals.

Below are a couple of pictures of our kitchen.  I wanted to utilize my favorite halogen MR16 lamps to light the work surfaces but we have an open-beam ceiling, hence the cable lighting.    Click here to see more lighting and electrical installations.

My wife likes to watch the Food Channel while she cooks so I wall-mounted a TV, went the extra mile to completely hide the wires.  It's nice to have the clutter of wires off the counter top.  I now find myself watching football and our kitchen is more enjoyable.

                                                                                                                                                                       Architects generally draft a rather generic electrical design.   There are several things I've learned over many years of hands-on experience that can be done which cost little or nothing that can make your home more enjoyable.


As part of my service, I like to go over the floor plans and offer electrical, lighting and design consultation at no charge to you.   


After such meeting, I’m confident  you'll find yourself incorporating some of my ideas regardless who ends up contracting the electrical of your project.   My contact phone is 808.329.2084, or you can shoot me an email at  Thanks for reading.



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